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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Tickled to Tangle - "It's a String Thing #32"

Hi all, it's a week of new challenges for Chrissie Murphy Designs, and this is the first "It's a String Thing" Challenge I've done with Adele Bruno at Tickled to Tangle.  Quite challenging it was too using only tangle patterns containing a W & R to honour Jadie Wright who created the string.  I've used "Warble", "Warts & Wobbles", "Wired" and the "Worms" tangle patterns.  I'll be back next week Adele :)
Stay beautiful


  1. Great tile, Chrissie - I found this a less inspiring group of tangles but looking at yours and the others produced this week, I'm really impressed! Axxx

  2. So wonderful tile! Wonderful shading, too! I like it!!