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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Diva's Weekly Challenge #164

The Diva's Challenge for this week was to take some inspiration from our Earth as we celebrated Earth Day this week.  There are a lot of people and organisations working together to do great work for our planet. I personally admire John Butler who has worked passionately as an advocate for the environment, "his guitar is his cannon".  John says we have to "Treat Yo Mama With Respect" and with that playing as I draw, I'm inspired to zentangle.
Stay beautiful


  1. Love this! Beautiful and simple. Well done!

  2. Very swish, lovely way to use Diva Dance Chrissie!

  3. Great tile, Chrissie - simple, direct and beautifully done. Axxx

  4. I love the earth surrounded by Diva Dance. Your tile makes me think of the song 'The spirit of the sound surrounds the world'.