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Friday, 18 April 2014

It's a String Thing #36

Adele Bruno's "It's A String Thing" Challenges continue to be the ones I find most challenging.  Every week I find I am pushing all of my boundaries, turning the tile numerous times before I feel where I want to go.  That's not to mention the tangle choices!  Each and every week there are new tangle patterns, one's I've never used before, and this week, I'm using "Buttercup" and "Bunzo" for the very first time.  I love the pshychadelic feeling of "Bunzo"!  "Bubbles" is a favourite tangle pattern of mine, I use it often, but in this week's challenge, I felt the tile only needed a couple of "Bubbles", just bursting from the top of the tile.
Until I'm challenged again next week, Stay beautiful


  1. Wowzer, you think my interpretation of this string was good, yours is absolutely delicious. You are a star Chrissie. x

  2. Great tile, Chrissie - it was a challenging one this week! Axxx