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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday Love

Sunday Love - And so it begins, my biggest challenge to date, I'm going to zentangle my way through the Bible. This is my fist tile, named after the first book in the Bible, Genesis. I have used the following tangle patterns;
G - Golven
E - EMingle
N - Nipa
E - Echoism
S - Shattuck
I - Ixorus
S - Stone Necklace
Each week I will post the next book, reading from the beginning of the Bible there will be 66 books in total to zentangle. I will be using tangle patterns that spell the name of the book. If any of my zentangling friends feel like they would like to participate in this challenge with me, I would love to see your tiles. Feel free post them to the Chrissie Murphy Designs Facebook timeline ( www.facebook.com/ChrissieMurphyDesigns ) over this next week for us all to adore. I would love for you to join me. Happy Sundays everyone xx
Stay beautiful

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