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Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Week That Was - The Tully Show 25/06/2014

This year I entered four drawings into our local Show.  Pictured above and below is my entry into the Works of Art, Abstract Section, first place.  I am absolutely thrilled with the result.  

Below is my entry into the Subject Painting section, I placed third here.

The next drawing is my entry into the Pen and Ink Section.  This is a drawing of a local landscape, the Tully Mill, I got first place for this section and again, I am absolutely stoked!

And the last drawing is a reflection of what it's all about for me, all glory to God, the one who has given me the gift I have for drawing.  Below is my entry into the Religious Works Section, I placed first here as well.  

I love our Show, it's a time I adore each year, everyone is there, you have the opportunity to catch up with so many friends and marvel at our areas local talent.  Until next year... Stay beautiful

1 comment:

  1. I love the tully mill. So creative and I wish I could buy one.
    The God is love is wonderful because the pink sticks out.

    I have almost finished Joshua. Been dealing wit health issues. Hope to post soon.